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Please Note: The Stedelijk Museum library is limited open until September 25.

We regret to inform you that the on-line catalogue of the Library of the Stedelijk Museum is not available until the new website of the museum will be launched. We would like to ask you to mail your questions regarding the library collection to: bibliotheek@stedelijk.nl

For anyone who wants to know about the history, collection or exhibitions of the Stedelijk Museum, its library is the right place to go, because it gives special attention to subjects that are related to the Museum and its holdings. Originally established as a resource for the staff and directors, since 1957 the library has placed a strong emphasis on access for the public.

The library is now one of the larger art libraries in The Netherlands. The collection comprises more than 130,000 books and exhibition catalogues, 210 ongoing periodical subscriptions, hundreds of documentary videos and a very extensive documentation system with newspaper cuttings, invitations and such. The emphasis is on contemporary art, but there is much to be found in the field of 'classic moderns' as well.

The holdings are catalogued by means of various card systems, and acquisitions from 1992 onwards are found in a computerised catalogue. The process of entering all the old card indices has recently begun. No materials are loaned out, but copying facilities are available.

For more information: m.nijhoff@stedelijk.nl
tel. 020.5732 650

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