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stedelijk @ trouw / de verdieping


In the years after its foundation, TrouwAmsterdam, thanks to its international club program and the monthly cultural program of De Verdieping, has blossomed into one of the main cultural hot spots of Amsterdam. Trouw/De Verdieping offers a complete experience: in addition to the club venue with cutting-edge DJs and VJs, there is a restaurant, visitors can attend lecture and film programs, and small-scale exhibitions are presented.

The Stedelijk Museum and Trouw/De Verdieping embark on an exciting journey together, collaborating on a program of four major events that create new ways of looking at contemporary art and generate unique perspectives of both institutions. Departing from an interdisciplinary vision, this program broadens the context in which art can be presented and brings new and innovative ways of experiencing art to the surface.

For what is the middle ground between a temporarily disembodied museum of modern and contemporary art, and a cultural/club? What can sprout from between the dance floor and white cube, the DJ and curator, and the industrial and polished? With four major events, modeled on the successful Do It!-nights at the Stedelijk Museum in 2010/2011, the Stedelijk @ Trouw/De Verdieping public program will explore the different histories and present tenses of the Trouw Amsterdam building – as a printing house, a club, a temporary cultural spot in the city of Amsterdam. Join us in the spring of 2012 for these events, listed below, and don’t stop dancing until it’s summer!


1. Contemporary Art Club – March 29, 2012, 8.00 p.m.

Comprised of an exhibition, a large-scale performance, lectures and interviews, and a dazzling club night, this all-night event will demonstrate the intersection of the club scene and contemporary art.

Contemporary Art Club: The Afterparty– April 1, 1 - 6 a.m. 

2. Hear It! (Part 2) – April 19, 2012

Following the successful Hear It! evening at the Stedelijk in April 2011, this event – including a club night – will showcase the most progressive examples of sound art, transforming the Trouw building into a highly resonant sound box! In collaboration with Non-Fiction – Office for Cultural Innovation.

3. Augment It! – May 17, 2012

Continuing the Stedelijk’s ongoing exploration of augmented reality, Augment It! will present a first-hand virtual experience, with a completely augmented exhibition, informative workshops and seminars, performances, and many more happenings.

4. Duplicate It! – June 14, 2012

The Stedelijk Blikopeners (a group of young people employed by the museum as peer educators) and the Editors (a network of young creatives working at De Verdieping) unite for a unique collaboration.


There are no events this week.