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secondary education


The Stedelijk Museum is closed for the final phase of construction and completion of the building renovation and expansion project.
After reopening in 2012 we can offer these educational programs.
(For questions please contact our education department: educatie@stedelijk.nl / 020-5732741)

Stedelijk in Class

What kind of place is the Stedelijk Museum? How can you look at modern art? What are relevant questions for an artist? Why would you care?

The Stedelijk Museum develops lessons that will challenge students to develop a relationship with modern and contemporary art. A museum teacher and a Blikopener will visit the classroom. Blikopeners are young Amsterdamers who work part time at the Stedelijk and can help relate to students at their own level and perspective. 

De Blikopeners
Photo: Tomek Whitfield

The lesson will deal with conceptual art. With the students, we investigate questions that are also relevant to artists. The lesson will take one hour. After that, we offer two suggestions for lessons that you can teach on your own.

For the next couple of months, this project will be a pilot. After the pilot, the costs will vary, depending on the distance of the school from the museum.

Register: educatie@stedelijk.nl
Questions: 020 - 5732 741



Spaced at the Stedelijk

Experience space and art in the beautifully renovated rooms of the historic Stedelijk building. Students participate in an interactive tour of the museum with activities involving space and movement in the galleries. During the workshop, the students make a podcast about a work of art or a particular space in the building.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: € 75 per program, including entrance
Maximum of 13 students per program
Supervision: at least 1 accompanying adult from the school for every 13 students


Architectour: interactive tour and workshop

Where do architects find their inspiration? How does an idea turn into a design? What do architects have to consider when they are designing or renovating a building?

The historic Stedelijk building, with its expanding new section alongside, is the perfect place to consider these questions.
Students can experience the architectural profession during this interactive tour and try out basic design exercises in the accompanying workshop, developed in collaboration with Benthem Crouwel Architects.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: € 75 per program (with preparatory and follow-up lesson suggestions), including entrance fee and supervision by a museum docent
Maximum of 15 students per museum docent


First aid for… sculpture: interactive tour and workshop

What is the relationship between a sculpture and the surrounding space? What materials do artists use to make sculptures?

The Stedelijk Museum is developing a series of study aids for students in secondary education, containing questions, activities and information about particular parts of the collection. These Eerste hulp bij… (First Aid for…) books teach students to look closely at one specific work, individually and in small groups. The interactive tour and workshop allow students to discover many aspects of the medium of sculpture and then, with the help of a museum docent, they can get down to work by themselves.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: € 75 per program, including entrance fee, study material and supervision by a museum docent.
Maximum of 15 students per museum docent.

Customized tours

Our museum docents can create customized tours based on a variety of different themes. The tour guide, in consultation with the docent, adapts the content and level of the tour to suit the group. It is also possible to combine an interactive tour with other gallery-based activities. Please register for tours two weeks in advance.

Duration: 1 or 1.5 hours
Price: € 50 per hour, including entrance
Tours in English and German: € 60
Maximum of 15 students per tour guide
Supervision: at least one accompanying adult from the school for every 15 students

For further information about these programs and for reservations, please contact:

educatie@stedelijk.nl or 020 - 5732 741