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primary education


The Stedelijk Museum is closed for the final phase of construction and completion of the building renovation and expansion project. For the next couple of months, we offer a free pilot called Stedelijk in Class for a limited amount of schools.

Stedelijk in Class

What kind of place is the Stedelijk Museum? What can you see in a museum, and how is this different from the classroom? What is modern art? To answer these questions and more, the Stedelijk Museum develops lessons that will bring the world of the museum into the classroom.

First, a museum teacher visits the class. Together, the teacher and students investigate questions that are also relevant for artists. Is a good work of art always just like reality? Can an abstract work of art communicate ideas?


Photo: Tomek Whitfield

For the younger students in primary school (1st-3th grade), we created a lesson about the materials artists use. Is a work of art always made with paint? Can a work of art be something you found on the street?

The lesson for older students in primary school (4th-7th grade), will be about Dada and De Stijl. Two artistic movements in which artist developed a new way of looking at the world and the position for art in that world.
The lesson will last for 1.5 hours. After that, we offer two suggestions for lessons that you can teach on your own.

This project will be a free pilot for a limited amount of schools. After the pilot, the costs will vary, depending on the distance of the school from the museum.
Register: educatie@stedelijk.nl
Questions?: 020 - 5732 741

Reopening in 2012

For the reopening in 2012 the Stedelijk is developing a wide range of activities for families, children, young people and adults, and, of course, for schools. These include guided visits, workshops in the special education rooms, interactive projects and tours. For questions about these programs, please contact our education department: educatie@stedelijk.nl of 020-5732741