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who are the blikopeners


We are the Blikopeners, young people from Amsterdam and its surroundings with a fresh way of looking at art. 

We come from a variety of educational backgrounds and from different parts of Amsterdam. We were selected for our open minds about art, design and museums and use our own experience and knowledge to open other people’s eyes and minds. Blikopeners help young people and museums to exchange ideas and opinions about art and the role of the museum. We organize special activities for young people, so keep an eye on us to find out what we’re up to!

Blikopeners are young people between 15 and 19 years old from Amsterdam and its surroundings who advise the museum and organise activities and events. They come from a variety of educational courses and backgrounds and are from different areas of Amsterdam. In 2008 the Stedelijk Museum started the first group of fifteen Blikopeners. In September 2011 a new group of Blikopeners has started to work at the museum.

A 'Blikopener' is an 'eye-opener', someone who has an open mind about art, design and the museum and who can help to open other people's eyes and minds as well, using their own experience and knowledge. 'Blikopeners' create an exchange between young people and art/design. They give other young people more confidence in their ability to interpret art and to form their own opinions. 

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Contact: blikopeners@stedelijk.nl